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PM Modi's well-timed visit to Central Asia
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has begun yet another important foreign visit, this time to all the five Central Asian republics. It is a well-timed visit. India cannot possibly replace or compete with China and Russia, but it can definitely improve its visibility in the region and provide much needed room for strategic manoeuvrability.
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Democratic candidates' surprisingly low focus on foreign policy
02 July 2015
Uma Purushothaman
Though foreign policy is going to be an important issue in the US Presidential elections next year, the Democrat candidates for the party's nomination have surprisingly devoted little time to this aspect so far.
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Need for proper structure of PPPs to address specific cyberspace risks
2 July 2015
Experts say mere compliance with an international cyber security standard does not ensure that a product being used in a CII is protected from invasion. Threat analysis, mitigation systems and assessment practices need to be adopted to attain total protection of CII.
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Issue Brief
Turkey Says 'No' to Presidential Government
25 June 2015
Anita Sengupta
Issue. 95
The general elections of 7 June 2015 were Turkey's last scheduled elections until the next one in 2019. Coming at a time when the country and its neighbours are on the brink of profound transformation, and given the increasing complexity of the socio-political situation in the Middle East.
India and its Eastern Neighbours: Prospects for Sub-Regional Cooperation
17 June 2015
Sridhar Ramaswamy
Issue. 94
This Issue Brief focuses on the reasons for the need to have sub-regional integration and cooperation between the four South Asian countries of BBIN--Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal. It also looks at previous attempts made at sub-regional cooperation by countries in the region and the areas of potential cooperation.
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ORF Paper
Iran Nuclear Deal: Implications of the Framework Agreement
June 2015
This E-book, published under the GP-ORF Series, lobal Policy - ORF Series, consists of nine chapters dealing with various aspects of the Framework Agreement, announced on April 2, 2015. The agreement is a significant step forward. (For Smashword version, click here)
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Global Policy - ORF SERIES
India's Urbanisation Experiences
May 2015
Rumi Aijaz
The second issue of GP-ORF series deals with the key urban challenges facing India - by 2030, India will be 40% urban - and directions the country could take to absorb and manage this future growth. [Based on a series of workshops conducted by ORF, supported by GIZ, during 2013-14.]
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Space Alert
SAARC SAT: India's Own TCBM or A Strategic Outreach?
July 2015
Vol III, Issue 3
On the occasion of the successful launch of the PSLV-C23 in June 2014, Prime Minister Modi announced the development of a SAARC Satellite, called SAARC SAT, for sharing the benefits of satellite technology with its South Asian neighbours.
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West Asia Monitor
Egyptian President Sisi's Latest Move: Germany
6 July 2015
Vol I, Issue XI
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has been engaged in significant diplomatic activism since he took office. He has met with regional leaders from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the UAE and has emerged as a key pillar in Riyadh's attempts to consolidate a Sunni bloc in the region.
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South Asia Weekly Report
Pakistan: Military ties with Russia strengthen
03 July 2015
Zuber Singh
Vol VIII, Issue 27
Throughout the Cold War - and afterwards - Russia's relations with Pakistan remained almost non-existent. However, with the United States and NATO pulling out its troops from Afghanistan in 2013,
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Africa Monitor
Africa sets deadline for free-trade area as regional blocs come together
26 June 2015
Vol. IV Issue. 42
For years African leaders have been touting the dream of greater continental integration, with a vision of people and goods criss-crossing borders, boosting job creation and driving development.
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South China Sea Monitor
China places oil rig back in Vietnam's EEZ
01 July 2015
Vol IV, Issue 7
On June 25, China moved its state owned oil rig HD-981 closer to Vietnam's coast following last year's protests over a similar move.
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China Weekly Report
Xi demands tougher anti-corruption drive
29 June 2015
Vol V, Issue 24
Chinese President Xi Jinping said efforts to weed out undesirable work styles and corruption should rely on improved law and regulations and forceful implementation of such rules.
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Energy News Monitor
Energy Subsidies: Tailoring Definitions to Influence Outcomes
19 June 2015
Vol XII, Issue 1
The attacks by industrialised nations, motivated by the great and the good, assume that the guilt from the large carbon foot print of their lives can and should be off-set by preventing an Indian village from getting its first light bulb.
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ORF Cyber Monitor
Strive for Balance without Surrendering Net Neutrality
9 June, 2015
Vol III, Issue 6
India?s Telecom Regulatory Authority has looked to other countries for best practices on how to deal with the issue of net neutrality. What is the best way forward?
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Annual Report
Annual Report 2014

Observer Research Foundation (ORF) is an endeavour to aid and influence formulation of policies for building a strong and prosperous India. The expectations of the global community from India are immense as the country is poised to play a leading role in the knowledge age. The Foundation believes that in the next 15 years, India will be one of the great economic powers in the world and contribute to a significant transformation in the quality of life of humanity.
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Talk on

"Cyber Security in the Indian context"
by Mr. J. Prasanna
Saturday, 11 July 2015
(11:00 AM To 1:00 PM)
Venue: ORF-Chennai Conference Hall




"BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2015"
by Dr. Kaushik Deb, Economist, BP
Monday, 13 July 2015
(11:00 AM To 2:00 PM)
Venue: ORF-Delhi, Conference Hall




"Chinese Military Assertiveness"
by Prof Oriana Mastro of Georgetown University.
Tuesday, 14 July 2015
(3:00 PM To 4:30 PM)
Venue: ORF-Delhi, Conference Hall




"Bangladesh India Platform on Sundarbans"
Thursday, 16 July 2015
(11:00 AM To 1:00 PM)
Venue: ORF-Delhi, Conference Hall




"Cyber Security / Internet Governance"
Monday, 20 July 2015
(10:00 AM To 1:00 PM)
Venue: ORF-Delhi, Conference Hall




"CYFY 2015"
14-16 October 2015
(10:00 AM To 6:00 PM)
Venue: New Delhi



ORF-ZEIT Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius (Hamburg)

"5th Asian Forum on Global Governance"
25 October to 3 November 2014
(9:00 AM To 5:00 PM)
Venue: Hyatt Regency, New Delhi












Environmental issues persist not because of mining but due to Institutional failure!
30 June 2015
Ashish Gupta,

A multi-cultural developing society like India provides enormous challenges in the environmental, cultural, social, political and economic arenas.

Six Myths on Common but Differentiated Responsibilities

India monthly energy briefing
30 June 2015
Intervention by Mr. Amit Narang

Firstly, it would be a grave remission not to refer to the World Summit (on Sustainable Development) outcome document of 2005 in this political declaration.

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Keeping peace in a war zone
26 June 2015
Vidisha Mishra

It is important to examine how female peacekeepers themselves experience gender and other relations while on duty.

Yoga diplomacy
23 June 2015
C. Raja Mohan

The impressive participation around the world on International Yoga Day is indeed a testimony to India's immense soft power.

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Connecting northeast India
01 July 2015
Sriparna Pathak Raimedhi

India's Northeast remains disconnected from the rest of the country. This disconnect is not just in the geographical realm, but also at the level of the superstructure.

'Act East' for better connectivity
25 June 2015
Nilanjan Ghosh & Mihir Bhonsale

The motor vehicles agreement between BBIN nations is a welcome development and marks a good beginning.

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Chinese submarines
01 July 2015
C. Raja Mohan

India paid a high price for failing to anticipate the Sino-Pak nuclear nexus in the 1970s and 1980s.

China's Belt & Road diplomacy
25 June 2015
Rakhahari Chatterji

To draw lines on the map along the ancient trade routes of China and to claim that they marked an exclusive zone of trade.

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Avoiding a Great Depression
01 July 2015
Jayshree Sengupta

India need to do more to speed up its own financial sector reforms and make it stronger because the percentage of NPAs has reached a dangerous level.

What does the FTA with EEU has in store for India?
26 June 2015
Richa Sekhani

Although India has confirmed it will sign the FTA with EEU, it now needs to take forward the negotiations quickly.

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